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Question #5381 posted on 04/30/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What exactly does "best in class" mean when it comes to cars? How many classes are there? Because it seems that every car out there is the "best in its class."

- New Car Buyer

A: Dear Buy Used,

Ok, different web sites had differen numbers of classes. That will vary. For example, this site (http://www.intellichoice.com/Top10/LowestOperating.cfm) had 17 classes. It has to do with the type of vehicle, the size, and how "nice" it is.

What does "Best in Class" mean? Well, it depends on who gave them that rating. What did they rate them on? For example, the link above is to the most fuel efficient cars in each category. I am sure there is one for safety and for luxury and for gas pedal shape and just about anything you could want. Your best bet is to look at what the rating was based on.

-CGNU Grad