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Dear 100 Hour Board,

In reference to Board Question #53871 about general conference talks. One of my professors used to be the managing editor for the Ensign and he talked to us a little about the difference between printed and spoken general conference. He said that the speakers turn in their talk a week before and the translators prepare a rough translation.

After the talk has been given, an editor will listen to the audio with the paper copy in hand and go through marking any differences. The differences are sent to the speaker who compares them and for each noted change will either decide to go with it as it was originally written or to change it to match the audio.

Each speaker is different. Our professor said that some of them frequently make drastic departures from their written copy (which always terrifies translators), while others will stick to it word for word. In the end, the speakers submit for the Ensign print the version which they best feel says what they wanted to say, even if it is different from the exact way they said it in conference.

- Editors are notoriously undervalued...