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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am aware that if you don't properly scrape the snow/ice off your car you can be given a ticket by the Provo police department. How well do your windows have to be scraped in order to avoid the ticket? Obviously the best policy is to remove it all. But I'm wondering, how much could be left on without repercussion? Also, can you get a ticket if you don't remove the snow covering your headlights, taillights, and/or license plates?

—Ticketless in Provo

A: Dear Ticketless,

According to the Provo City Police Department, your windows need to be scraped well enough that you can see to drive. Oh, and it has to be obvious that you can see, so claiming that a two-inch-square hole is enough to see through will likely get you in trouble. You can also get a ticket if an officer can't see your brake lights and/or license plate (keep in mind that if your vehicle is registered in Utah, you have to have your front plate visible, as well). The officer I spoke with said that he had never had to give a ticket for improper headlight snow removal, but that it is certainly possible, because having snow on your headlights impedes your ability to drive safely.