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Question #56068 posted on 02/22/2010 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board (also known as Matt Meese

Which Divine Comedy members are leaving at the end of the semester, never to return? This is important because if certain members are leaving we have to make plans to attend the last "Best Of" show.

-Castle in the Sky

A: Dear Castle in the Sky,

I sent your question to Sara Pennepacker, the Divine Comedy stage manager. Here's what she had to say:
Dear worst Miyazaki movie EVER,

We know there are quite a few of us leaving after this semester, but as of now, not everyone has made their decisions.

For now, the ones leaving for sure are:
Jeremy Warner - graduating and moving on to become a world-famous movie director.
Mary Hedengren - after her 2 returns to DC, this is it for good. She's finishing up grad school and going off to be awesome.
Gregory Schulz - going to law school and having a baby! We'll lose his wife Sarah, glowstick expert along with him. :(
Derk Olthof - has actually already left the group. Hope it wasn't his last show you wanted to see...

These ones you won't care about, but they're leaving, too:
Kabe Sorenson - DC tech guy. He can do absolutely anything. He's finishing up grad school and after 4 years of working with DC, he's leaving us. :(
Sara Pennepacker - that's me. DC Stage Manager. I'm graduating and heading off to Japan!

In flux:
Natalie Thomas: she got married and you know how that is. She hasn't decided if she's leaving or not.
Matt Meese - he's applied for grad school at BYU and if he makes it in, he'll stay with the group. We're pretty sure he'll make it in, but yeah. That's probably who you're asking about, huh? I hereby solemnly swear I will let the 100 Hour Board know if Matthew Meese will be in DC next year.

Other than that, everyone's staying. Yup. It'll be a good show, though, regardless of whose last it'll be, so you should make plans to come anyway!