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Question #5670 posted on 05/13/2004 12:01 a.m.

CGNU Grad,
I missed prom (which I frankly didn't care too much about anyway) because I didn't want to miss Science Olympiad.
I am not wrong. There isn't necessarily anything wrong with liking science, just like there isn't necessarily anything right about liking pastrami and string cheese sandwiches.
By the way, nice Dating Certification, but is there an "insanely tolerant of abrasive and perplexing behavior" prerequisite?
---Interplanet Janet

A: Dear Multi-Terra Sara,

Hey, if you already thought you knew the answer (that you aren't wrong), then why did you ask? Seems like you are asking for someone to tell you you're wrong about whether you are wrong.

As for the "insanely tolerant of abrasive and perplexing behavior" prerequisite, no it doesn't exist. If she wants to put on a front that she can take my being brutally honest, that will work for Level 1 certification. But if she wants to hold on for long, she better have a good grasp of how jovial sarcasm works.

-CGNU Grad