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Question #56740 posted on 03/23/2010 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So, I may be dying (but I also might be being a little overly dramatic right now (but only a little)), and wanted to know. Can I refuse surgery? Like, a doctor can't force me into it, right? Right??

- Miss Katria

A: Dear Katria~

You are correct. They can't force you into it. That said, I believe that if you're unconscious, and a doctor has the ability to save your life without asking your permission, there is implied permission.

I forget the details; I had to learn about this in my emergency certification class.

But no, if you refuse surgery, your doctor would be breaking the law by giving you surgery.

~Hobbes just had surgery. In fact, he talked to you about it.