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Question #56751 posted on 03/27/2010 3:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How easy is it to change major into a major offered in the prestigious Marriott School like economics to accounting? How about changing major in between the school itself? Like from management to accounting?

- My Name There

A: Dear My Name There,

Most majors in the Marriott School require you to pass certain prerequisites before entering the major. Until those are complete, you're considered a pre-major. This may involve taking certain classes, having a certain GPA, etc. When you're ready to apply, you'll need to fill out an application form. Transferring between majors within the school is largely the same as transferring from outside the school, except that you're likely to already have met many of the prerequisites.

So, if you've met the prerequisites and are a good student, it's not difficult at all. If you're a slacker and a poor student, it will be very difficult. But that's just life in general.

If you have further questions, I recommend you schedule an appointment with the Marriott School Advisement Center. They exist to answer questions just like yours.

A: Dear your name is not there,

A quick addition to Yellow's comments: Take note that certain programs in the Marriott School only accept applicants during one semester of the year. The accounting program only accepts students during Fall semesters, strategy majors are only accepted during Winter semesters, etc. So, although the process may theoretically not be very difficult, it's possible that the timing just won't work out.

Also, another note: Economics isn't a Marriott School major. Economics majors are housed under the extraordinarily large College of Family, Home and Social Sciences.