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Question #57290 posted on 04/30/2010 3:01 a.m.

Humpty Dumpty graduated this semester. Humpty wasn't able to attend the Commencement ceremony and the Marriott School Convocation. Humpty wants a copy of the "Commencement Program" and the "Marriott School Convocation Program". Where should Humpty go to get a copy of these programs. Any ideas?

P.S. Humpty doesn't have any friends.

- (Not Humpty. Humpty is a BYU graduate and has better English than the person who is asking this question. Also, Humpty doesn't misuse P.S.)

A: Dear Alumnus,

Now that you are a graduate, you can start acting like one and use the BYU Alumni Association all you want. I went to the Hinckley Center myself this afternoon (where they thought I was a curious high schooler) and grabbed myself just the programs you are looking for. They only have a few left, so make your way over there to get a copy of your own. If they run out before you get there, e-mail me (mico at theboard dot byu dot edu) and I'd be happy to give you mine.