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Question #5742 posted on 05/20/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
For those of you who enjoy reading fantasy and science fiction, what was the book that got you started? Did you read it in school or on your own? I read A Wrinkle in Time in sixth grade and have loved fantasy, especially children's fantasy, ever since. A Wrinkle in Time was recently made into a movie. Has "your" book been made into a movie, and if so, do you think the movie did the book justice?
- Miss Mika

A: Dear Miss Mika-

No idea what got me started... maybe it was even the Star Wars films. I've been reading sci-fi (and much more) for as far back as I remember. _A Wrinkle in Time_ is great. Have you read the other books in the series? _A Wind in the Door_, _Many Waters_ and _A Swiftly Tilting Planet_ are all good. I thought the film of Wrinkle was pretty well done. Very true to the story, even if Mrs. Franchise thought Calvin O'Keefe should have been more attractive.

_Ender's Game_ is the best book. Who hasn't felt like Andrew? I know I did when I read it. Writers for the second draft of the screenplay of EG are now on board, which is good news. I read Card's first draft, and it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to it.

If someone made films of David Weber's Honor Harrington series, that would be sweet too.

-The Franchise
A: Dear Miss Mika,

Finally, an EASY question.

"Arrows of the Queen," by Mercedes Lackey. I got is as a birthday present as a kid, and years later I went in search of it again. I found it at the local library, and thus began my spiraling descent into the world of fantasy and sci-fi. I think I spent more time reading than breathing (just ask my family). There's probably a permanent dent in the couch from my obsession. I'm finally starting to build up my own collection, rather than library-hopping anxiously to see if they have any new books. I have not heard hide nor hair of a movie based on the book, and I doubt I would want to see it if I did. Movies do not do the books they are based on justice, especially those books that rely so much on the imagination of the reader.

A: Dear Miss Mika,

Umm... Good question. I don't really think it was a book. It was a video game. Way back in the day, when I was just a little tyke, we had a TI console, with a game called Parsec. The idea of the game was to blast your way through a series of aliens, refuel once or twice per level, and try not to die going through the asteroid belt at the end of the level. I personally never got farther than level three, but I was also very young - we got rid of the console when I was maybe five or six. Anyway, that sparked my sci-fi interest. I got into READING science fiction with E.E. "Doc" Smith's Skylark series, written back in the 50's or something like that. As far as I know, the books have not been made into movies.

- Rufus
A: Dear Miss Mika,

It was probably the Star Wars movies. When you watch those religiously for years, it probably does something to your brain. Then I discovered that "library" thing, and I was gone. Does "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" count as fantasy? I think it should. It sure fits one of my fantasies.... Mmmmmm, chocolate.... And yes, the old-school movie of that book did almost do it justice. I like that movie quite a lot. I think they made a movie of the second book, too--I need to see how they portrayed Vermicious Knids (gold star to me for spelling it right from memory, I just checked). Hmmmm. There's no trace of the movie on imdb.com. Oh well. Back to the book, I suppose.