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Question #5968 posted on 06/02/2004 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I liked reading about some of those pranks on today's board. Are there any more infamous BYU pranks that you would share?
- Dennis the Menace

A: Dear Dennis the Menace,

BYU doesn't like to encourage pranksters by giving them ideas. This is what the Daily Universe is willing to print:



This blog has some pranks done by BYU students:


I remember reading about a prank on a message board somewhere about a guy who worked in the Honor Code office or somewhere where he had access to stationary from the Honor Code office. He took the stationary and wrote up a letter addressed to his friend saying that his friend's ex-girlfriend had been reported to the Honor Code office and she had confessed to some moral transgressions she had committed with him, and that they needed him to come in and meet with them. His friend, of course, freaked out, because he hadn't done anything like that with his ex-girlfriend. The letter arrived on a Friday so he worried about it all weekend. Monday morning he showed up at the HCO and his friend revealed to him that it was a prank. (I think there was a lot more to the story than that, but I couldn't find the guy's post.)

A guy I know just pulled this prank on April Fool's Day this year. He and a bunch of his coworkers do a lot of downloading music off Kazaa or wherever, and one of his coworkers raised a big fuss about how they shouldn't do that because the RIAA would find them and sue them. Well, my friend typed up an e-mail that appeared to be from the RIAA (both in the body of the e-mail and the "from" e-mail address) that said he was being sued and that legal documents would arrive in the mail in a few days. The guy freaked out. My friend had accidentally put his apartment number in the e-mail, rather than his friend's apartment number, but it worked out to his advantage. (His friend just thought it was a mistake.) He got some legal papers and wrote another letter that he put on the top of the stack, and then wrote on another piece of paper "April Fools!" which he put on the bottom of the stack. He put it in a Priority Mail envelope and on April Fool's day, went up to his friend's apartment to deliver the letter. His friend was very scared as he scanned the documents in the envelope. And when he saw the last sheet of paper, he was probably torn between relief and anger.