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Dear 100 Hour Board,

I need suggestions for music! First off, I want to buy a Christmas jazz cd. Preferably traditional songs, slower paced music and without the words. Something I could play while curled up by the fireplace, drinking hot cocca as Christmas lights blink dreamily in the background. Any favorite recommendations?

Also, I want to buy a cd that has different versions of Primary songs. Something that I could play on a Sunday that would introduce my children to the Primary songs, but is different enough that I won't be bored by it. Any suggestions for that cd? Thanks a bunch!

-Seeking out the best books (and music)


Dear seek and ye shall find, 

If only I still lived at home. Then I could go into the closet, get out the case full of Christmas cds, and find that one instrumental jazz cd that my family really likes. In lieu of that, I do like this song by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. 

As far as different versions of the Primary songs go, Brett Raymond's Primarily for Grown Ups and InsideOut's Primary Colors are both pretty cool. 

-Inconveniently Willful


Dear Seek-

Well, you could always get the Kenny G Christmas CD, Miracles. Not that I officially endorse it (but hey, how could he? Dude is freakin' Jewish!), but it fits your requirements pretty much exactly. Maybe his others will, as well.

It has words, but Sarah McLachlan's "Song for A Winter's Night" is really good in the curling-up-by-the-fire sense. I don't know anything else from her Wintersong album (from whence the song comes), but it may be worth a look.

For Primary songs, I second the nomination of InsideOut's Primary Colors. Also, Sharing Time.


posted on 10/08/2010 6:55 p.m.
I have quite a bit of Jazz Christmas music. Two of my favorites are: Remembering Christmas, by David Benoit: http://goo.gl/BzsM
and Oscar Peterson Christmas, by Oscar Peterson (of course): http://goo.gl/U01x
The links take you to the Amazon product pages for those items, which are also downloadable through their excellent MP3 store.
-- Daryl Gibson