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Question #6060 posted on 06/08/2004 12:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Airplanes have seat cushions that can be used as devices of personal flotation, and emergency exit slides that can be used as life rafts. Have either of these ever successfully been used as such?
- Wheeee!...kasploosh

A: Dear Wheeee!,

Yes. They've been used many times by passengers whose planes have crashed in the middle of the ocean. Oh wait; no, their planes crashed! They fell five miles out of the sky! Who cares whether or not their seats floated among the horrible flaming wreckage?!!

-Thor (who'd much rather have a seat that doubled as a parachute than a personal flotation device)
A: Dear Wheeeee,

I always wondered how the people would get out of the plane (supposing they survived the impact). So they are floating at the top of the plane that is sinking....

Actually, I know of two occasions where people survived crahsed into water. I belive in the news footage I saw one person clinging to a tattered seat cushion. So I guess it does work (if I saw things correctly).

The Captain