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Question #60748 posted on 11/21/2010 3:23 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

why is the board called the 100 hour board when questions always go over 100 hours? Why have several of my most recent questions that i asked on the 5th of nov still not been answered? does this typically happen because you dont know the answer or cant find it?



Dear frustrated whiner who isn't wholly unjustified in whining a little bit but who is still whining a little bit and thus is a whiner even if it's justified,

One thing, before I answer your actual question: Questions don't always go over 100 hours. Try to avoid false sweeping generalizations when offering criticism!

Anyway--back to your question. I would say that it's not typical, but it's also not atypical, for questions to go over hours. Questions don't sit over hours in the inbox for no reason; most of the time, writers are waiting to hear back from contacts in order to provide readers with credible and helpful answers. We can answer any question weakly within 100 hours, but often we think that it's worth the trade-off to wait a few extra days to provide a meaningful and complete answer. Sometimes we're challenged with very tough questions--questions that people have thought about for days, weeks, or years and haven't been able to figure out. I contend that it's a little unreasonable to expect us writers, most of whom are full-time students just like most of the readership, to solve those questions and write up solutions within four days and change.

So yes, sometimes we go over hours. Sometimes we're not waiting on anyone to get back to us and it's our fault that they go over hours. However, we try our best to get them answered in as timely a manner as possible. Please be as patient with us as you can be.