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Dear 100 Hour Board,

A couple years ago i found a reference somewhere online to an old tradition where the lady sits on a red velvet pillow or cushion when being proposed to.

I mentioned this to my brother, he loved the idea and had a red velvet pillow made for his proposal coming up soon.

My problem is now i cannot find the original source and he wants to know the origin. I know its not a modern tradition, but I think it comes from the USA or Britain, and is withing the last 200 years. I've googled til I'm googled out, and can't find it. Can you find mention of this tradition?

proprietor of Malice.


Dear po'M,

I can't find anything either. I found that the bride kneels on a pillow in Mexican weddings, but nothing about a red velvet pillow used for proposals. Sorry, dawg.

Dr. Smeed