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Question #6108 posted on 06/11/2004 4:03 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What has happened when you feel like a bubble has painfully popped inside your head and then the area gets all warm? I hope other people know what I'm talking about--it usually happens when you turn your head wrong or when it's under a lot of pressure. I have a theory that maybe it's a brain capillary bursting, but couldn't a hemorrhage in your brain like that be extremely dangerous, and wouldn't it happen other places besides inside your head? Am I loosing brain cells every time it happens?
- Studliness: the self proclaimed asker of physiologically related inquires

A: Dear losing brain cells,

Well, none of us are doctors (obviously) but we suggest you go see a doctor very soon. What you describe sounds very abnormal and quite dangerous.

-the pirates (who don't do anything)
A: Dear Studliness,
I've had that happen in my neck when I turn it the wrong way. It hurts!

A: Dear stud,

Beware of aneurysms.