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Question #61485 posted on 01/19/2011 6:30 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What did Andy Dick say to Mo Collins' husband that led to them getting a divorce?



Dear Damasta,

I give up, what? . . . Oh, that wasn't the set up for a bad joke?  Can we just pretend that it was and move on?

Don't kill me,

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Namaste Damasta,

If I were Mo Collins and I found out that my husband had anything to do with Andy Dick, I would divorce him too. That man is one of the worst "entertainers" in the whole entire universe. I am not using hyperbole here, either.

More related to your question, It seems to be a private thing. All I could find was that Andy Dick was on drugs at the time and said some terrible things. I think it's none of our business, and we should hope that if we ignore Andy Dick, he will go away. We should do whatever it takes to get him to go away.

Dr. Smeed

posted on 10/12/2013 1:33 p.m.
It wasn't anything Mo Collins learned about her husband & Andy Dick that sparked the decline of their marriage. It was what Dick said to Mo's husband that started the divorce ball rolling. Dick got him alone at a party and started shooting his drunken mouth off regarding some secret(s) of Mo's that Dick was privy to - about what, no one will say. I've always assumed it involved something that happened during their OLD shared intoxicated times; infidelity is the most likely culprit. All that is known is:

On camera, BEFORE meeting up with Mo Collins for his super lame 'Sober House' apology, Dick alludes to his drug use history having included some heavy partying with Collins - before she cleaned herself up:

<i>"She has been in the trenches with me, hardcore. With drinking and drugging. Then she stopped. I don't know if she is comfortable talking about her stuff but we'll find out."</i>

DURING said lame apology, Dick is absolutely clueless as Collins tries to point out the ramifications of his actions. It seems to go right over his head:

<i>Mo Collins: Do you remember having a conversation with my ex-husband?

Andy Dick: Oh right. Oh that was horrible.

Mo Collins: And . . .

Andy Dick: Now.

Mo Collins: And uh, I'm divorced now.

Andy Dick: I should make amends to him.

Mo Collins: That was really, really painful to him.

Andy Dick (Crying): I forgot. That was really bad.

Mo Collins: That was really bad.

Andy Dick (Crying): I'm sorry. I really am sorry (they hug). I was trying to help. But I was sick and I was. You know, there was a lot of stuff going on if you don't remember.</i>

Mo shows great compassion and restraint as Dick obviously just doesn't get the whole apology step. he repeatedly makes it all about himself.

A great many people seem interested in this mystery.