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Question #6239 posted on 06/22/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

These questions concern Hitler's invasion of Norway during WW2.

a) Did any of the Norwegians resist the invading German soldiers?

b) Did the invasion pillage/plunder/steal from Norwegians?

c) Do you think the allies would have invaded Norway if Hitler had not?

H of L

A: Greetings, Hitler of Lichtenstein.

a. They did not initially; German soldiers dressed as Civilians just walked in.



c. Don't know. Hitler did it really early, and if he hadn't, who knows what we'd have done?
I don't know that invading Norway would've been needed, or that it would've been a good angle; Denmark might've been better, maybe....

A: Dear H of L,

I thought pillaging was a requirement of invading forces.