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Question #626 posted on 10/04/2003 2:16 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I live on campus in DT, and I was wondering how many calories I burn every time I walk to and from campus. Let's say I walk to the SWCKT for class everyday. But you'll have to factor in that it's downhill going to school, and uphill coming from school.

- Anonymous

A: Dear Anon,
Okay, considering you gave me no other information, I will make up the rest. Assuming you walk an average speed of 3 mph to class, and it takes 35 minutes to walk to and from the SWKT (NOT SWCKT, by the way), and assuming you way 130 lbs, then you burn 150 calories. But if you are late to class and walk a brisk 4 mph and you weigh 160, you will burn 187. If you want to calculate your own calorie burning, go to www.healthstatus.com/cgi-bin/calc/calculator.cgi and put in all your information, and it will give you a better estimate.