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Question #62734 posted on 04/10/2011 8:20 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Which day of the week has the most classes?

My roommate and I think it may be Wednesday because of all the MTWThF, MWF, MW, MTWTh, and W only classes. We don't think there would be as many M only classes because of FHE in the evening, and she doesn't think there are many Th only classes (I think there are). T only classes will be fewer because of devotional. F only classes seem to be avoided usually because, well, how many students really want a Friday only class?

Can you give me some numbers regarding this? Averages are fine.

-Smurf Blue Snuggie


Dear SBS,

Before answering, here are some fun facts. Did you know that:

1. BYU offers just short of 15,000 classes and labs each week?
2. I counted every one of them and which days they met?
3. I hate you for asking this question?

The worst part is that you and your roommate were absolutely right, and I could have saved myself 100 hours of work by simply taking your word for it. But I didn't, of course. Here's the data I came up with.

Day of the week No. of classes/labs Percentage
Monday 3150 21.0%
Tuesday 2468 16.5%
Wednesday 3331 22.3%
Thursday 2569 17.2%
Friday 2046 13.7%
Saturday 20 0.1%
TBA 1386 9.3%
Total 19470 100.0%

I don't have much more to add that you haven't already said, except that I can't believe I went through and counted them all, only to find that you were right in the first place for all the reasons you guessed.

- D.A.R.E.