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Question #6413 posted on 07/01/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
soon i will be leaving for my mission to sydney australia. i am planning on taking my digital camera which uses AA batteries. i know australia uses a different voltage and frequency, but are their AA batteries the same?
- yournamehere

A: Your name here,

You can get a converter at Radio Shack. Also, the batteries are the same. Also, is it South or North? If you go South, say hi to Elder Munro for me. And to President Elmer.


A: Oh, and if you want evidence, I purchased a tape recorder over there and then used Aussie and American batteries on it. That's how I know.
And seriously, tell me whether north or south, and then I can write you and tell what the mission is like. I'm somewhat familiar with north...very familiary with south.