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Question #64412 posted on 09/03/2011 11:08 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

So BYU got its Stone Cold Sober again, and was listed the "Most religious" by the Princeton review.

The schools that finished behind us include some schools with very small enrollments. It made me wonder, Why isn't BYU-Idaho or Hawaii on the lists? Are they considered the same as BYU by the companies? Do they not count? I mean Idaho is 12,000 students or something. It'd be cool to have the BYU's compete for some of these contests.

proprietor of Malice


Dear Pom Pom,

The Princeton Review only considers the top 376 colleges in the nation for their yearly awards. If that number seems oddly specific, then that's because it is. Where did such a fine, outstanding organization like the Princeton Review get such an arbitrary number?  Well, they got it from themselves.  Straight from the mouth of The Princeton Review, the awards are "entirely based on the company's survey of students attending the 376 colleges in its book, The Best 376 Colleges."

So, the simple answer is that BYU-Idaho and BYU Hawaii do not count because they aren't on the list.  But just because our cheese curd and suckling-pig eating brothers and sisters aren't taken into account doesn't mean we don't face any competition.  Check out the top 20 stone cold sober schools which make up our competition.  This article even suggests that a rivalry with Wheaton College has arisen from this award. But I'm not too worried about it, here at BYU we eat colleges like Wheaton for breakfast.

Raise your sports drinks, caffeine-free sodas and bottles of water my friends, and drink it in.  Taste the victory in every sip.

-Art Vandelay