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Question #64836 posted on 10/07/2011 3 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What one-word search term will pull the most results on the Board's website? The least? Actually I was wondering the same thing about Google.

-Very Proper and the Busy Nerd of Yucatan


Dear Yucatan nerd,

I'm inclined to say it's "the," which has 58686 results on the board (when I checked. There's likely more with every question). I'd guess there are lots and lots of words that only bring up one question.

"The" has over 25 billion hits on Google, which is lots considering there probably aren't even a billion websites. "Overnumerousnesses," with 1800 results, was the least I could find, but I'm sure there are words with fewer (I didn't do anything special to look).



Dear very and busy,

When it comes to Google, I believe you're looking for what is properly called a googlewhackblatt. For those of you unwilling or unable to click on that link or read the title text I took the time to add, a googlewhackblatt is a term that returns exactly one hit in a Google search. (It's derived from a googlewhack, a pair of words that, when entered in Google without quotation marks, returns exactly one hit.) It's extremely rare that you would find a hapax legomenon in a corpus as enormous as the internet, but they actually exist. My personal favorite is "execu|antizor," except you'll have to imagine that the | is actually an l, since I don't want to ruin a perfectly good googlewhackblatt.

You can find other googlewhackblatts here, but be judicious in your use of them, since you destroy them by posting the words elsewhere.

- D.A.R.E.