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Dear 100 Hour Board,

Jams E. Faust once told a story about a boy who wanted to buy tomatoes and the farmer quoted prices, with ripe & ready tomatoes costing more than green ones, and in the story, the boy said he wanted to buy a green one and pick it up some duration of time later such that it would be nice and ripe then.

It sounds like a fable with a humorous punchline and one that teaches a lesson, but I want to know if there was a real boy that Mr. Faust had known really did have such a conversation with a real farmer, and if so, did he really follow through and get a red tomato for a green tomato price through patience?

-Paul Harvey


Dear Paul,

So, I found the talk in question. In my opinion, the story is probably based off of something that really happened. He begins the story you mention by saying, "I believe that many bright and special and valiant spirits have been saved for this challenging time. I'm thinking about one bright little boy called Timmy." Why would he make up a parable and then give the child a specific name and mention him as one of the bright and special and valiant spirits? That just wouldn't make a whole lot of sense, at least not to me. The talk doesn't mention whether or not Timmy was actually able to claim his tomato. It might have ended up depending on how good of a sense of humor the farmer in question had. 

~Anne, Certainly