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Question #6523 posted on 07/09/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What does the 182 in Blink182 mean?
- BB Gun

A: Dear BB Gun,

Unfortunately, the answer to your question isn't very interesting. The number 182 was chosen randomly and has no significance whatsoever. The group had to distinguish themselves from some other group called just plain "Blink" and they thought "Blink 182" sounded good.

A: Really? I'd heard someone say it was a police call number...for urinating in public or something, and they chose that number for the heck of it since they couldn't simply use "Blink."

But I just heard that from an obsessed fan, so I might be full of it.

A: Yeah, I also ran into claims that 182 is the number of times some actor says a certain unprintable word in a certain movie (I can't remember which movie or which actor) but the "random choice" origin is the only one that holds up under research.