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Question #6553 posted on 07/09/2004 4:05 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can DVDs and CDs hold more information then then tapes? It seems that tapes have a lot more space on them all rolled up.
- Confused

A: Dear Confused,

It depends on the type of tape you're talking about. Audio tapes hold much less information that CDs and DVDs do. On the other hand, there exist tape back-up systems that can hold excessive ammounts of information. It all depends on the type and application. The reason CDs and DVDs have less surface area and yet store more information is due to the meathod in which they store data.

-cubic nerd
A: Dear Confused,

In general, DVDs and CDs can hold more data than the tapes used for similar purposes. However, as has been mentioned, there are tapes that hold incredible amounts of data - 300 GB on one tape, uncompressed. But those are specially designed to hold incredible amounts of data.