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Question #65764 posted on 12/12/2011 5:40 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Season's greetings!
What are your some of your favorite Christmas ornaments? What about your least favorite? Do you have pictures? Happy Holidays,

-Salty Dog


Dear Salty,

My favorite Christmas ornament is one I made in like second grade. It's this slightly horrible/ totally awesome little tree angel made out of a gold-spray-painted paper plate that's been cut and taped and has a picture of my head stuck on the top of it. Occasionally, people in my family (i.e., my mother) will try to put a real angel on top of the Christmas tree so that it looks legitimate, but Angel-Anne always ends up back on the top of the tree. It's pretty much a running gag at this point. I emailed my dad for a picture, so here is my beautiful angel self on top of our tree (face censored).


~Anne, Certainly


Dear Paprika,

My favorites are:

  • A VeggieTales Bob and Larry given to me by a dear friend.
  • A porcelain dinosaur given to me by my nephew.
  • Little African animals given to me by a former coworker of my mom who is in South Africa on a Church assignment.
  • A snow globe ornament with a little teddy bear inside -- only, that's a former favorite as it got broken in a moment of horror and sadness that haunts my Christmas nightmares.

I don't know that I have specific least favorites. I've never loved the cheap glass balls. Especially when the inside color flakes off and any time you unpack them a shower of metallic-gold paint covers your carpet and hands. Also I'm not in love with bows on trees.

-Marguerite St. Just


Dear Salty,


  1. A red frosted glass rocket ship, to represent my childhood dream of becoming a rocket scientist
  2. Lots of Harry Potter-related greatness
  3. A beaded DNA helix I made in the seventh grade
  4. My mom's Cruella de Vil statuette

Decorating the Christmas tree every year was like reliving my childhood up to that point. And yes, you read that right: Cruella de Vil lived on our Christmas tree. 

Least favorites? Anything generic or generally meaningless. My mom used to let my siblings and I pick out a new ornament every year to represent what we did or learned, and there were often others from vacations and various events/school projects growing up. An ornament whose sole purpose is to look pretty just feels bland. Don't get me wrong; I love a well-decorated tree as much as the next guy, but the memories give it a unique character you won't find anywhere else.

-The Entropy Ninja