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Question #66183 posted on 01/19/2012 9:10 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Is it worth all of the work and effort too go BYU in the year 2018?

-Florida Kiddo


How are you Florida Kiddo!!

In AD 2018, school was beginning. Will it you? Can it?

It will cost time. Somebody set up you the SAT/ACT. But when gradings and testers succeed, it will not a bomb. It will proudness.

After hardest work, you will cougar. And you can watch a football and fight song. Sing with CATS!!

Rise, a royal cougar
And throw it, challenging a foe
It will fight, day and knight
Move all ZIG
Loyal, strong and blue
It is all attire
So jump it out for great justice
Cougars, you know what you doing

So stand it up, with many COUGARS
It is a journey, with victories
Stand it up, please scream it around
It will help it win all of the things
We move on, to set up the bomb
So each base will belong to us
If it gets to scream
About a school, it can a dream
I stand a flag and flap it about
It is a Cougar of BYU

Is this not worth a work and an effort?

Ha Ha Ha Ha...