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Question #6639 posted on 07/12/2004 4:03 a.m.

Dear Pa Grape,

I don't want to support sperm donation, but I think your argument here is flawed. There are ligitimate reasons why sperm must be collected; it's the first thing they test when a woman can't get pregnant. So the issue isn't the act itself, but the reasons behind the act.

- Doogie

A: Doogie, in case Pa doesn't reply...

I believe he was mainly referring to donation for the case of fertilization.

A: Dear Doogie,

And for money.

The Captain
A: Dear Doogie-

If sperm are collected for diagnosis of a potentially infertile married couple, then... [How do I put this?] the required activity could be as a couple, which would remove any concern about the appropriateness of self-stimulation. [That's pretty good, I think.]

-The Franchise