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Question #6696 posted on 07/27/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

There is a man who occasionally teaches Tai Chi in Kiwanis Park. What is his contact information, and is he starting a new class any time soon?

- Lovely Rita

A: My dearest Lovely Rita:

My schedule is very messed up. I transformed myself into a board and watched the park in the hopes I would see this man undetected, but he has not been spotted.

Then again, I work 42.5 hours a week and must spend about 5 hours a week traveling to and from my jobs.

Therefore, I could not get your answer. Sorry. If you can give me an approximate time that he teaches I or another one of my bird friends will help you and give you the answer.

A: Dear Lovely Rita,

He used to have little blue flyers posted on telephone poles and the BYU Ad Board about those classes. You should check those. (I'm otherwise occupied, or I'd check myself.)