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Question #6750 posted on 07/19/2004 4:04 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Comment to 'Poor college student who doesn't want to buy an air conditioner'

To the person with an apartment like an oven, I feel your pain. Do all of the above. Then go to Walmart, buy 4 ice trays for $1 (so you have plenty of ice cubes in your freezer) If you try the bowls of water thing, the colder the water is the better it will work. Put the fan right on you and wrap an ice cube in a washcloth or something. Then hold the ice cube to the insides of your wrists and up on your neck. Apparently since you have lots of veins there, cooling the blood down as it runs helps cool the rest of your body. All I know is it feels great.

A: Dear No Name,

That's an excellent point. Cooling the inside of your wrists is the fastest way I know of to cool your body temperature. Lovely things, veins.