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Question #6772 posted on 07/22/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

hey is there a program that will comvert mp4's to mp3's?
if so can you tell me where to get it!
- Cybershock77

A: Dear Cybershock77...

Since you seem to be an iTunes user, iTunes is probably the easiest way to convert. Import the file into iTunes, then go to preferences, choose "importing" and change the pull-down menu to mp3 (at whatever bitrate you wish). Then select the song you recently imported, go to the "advanced" menu and choose "Convert Selection to MP3."

That should work.

Good luck and happy listening.


Horatio the Underground Software Guru
A: Dear Cybershock77,

Yay for iTunes. Great program. That's all I have to say.