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Dear 100 Hour Board (and particularly Concealocanth),

As a follow up to Board Question #67700, what custom/symbol would you implement in your new society to indicate marital status for men?

-Binary Search Tree


Dear Binary Search Tree,

Something about beards. Imagine the details yourself. Perhaps young men are obligated to look scruffy and unkissable until they get married. 

~Professor Kirke


Dear A*,

Obviously, in my society men would dye a streak into their hair when they got married. The classy ones would go with just a bleached-out skunk streak, but the trendy young married men would dye in whatever color streak they felt like. Bald married men could get a tattooed streak on their head. Engaged or committed men could indicate their status with dyed spots.

Clearly, it's a good thing I'm not in charge of societal marriage symbols and/or personal grooming trends. But think about how easy to spot this'd be across a room!