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Question #68770 posted on 09/06/2012 11:08 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I am making a family history book. I have the Patriarchal Blessings for several ancestors. I am including those in the book. I am going to give the book to my mom's immediate family for Christmas. They are all active and I feel comfortable sharing Patriarchal Blessings with them.

My mom's cousins are all inactive. My aunt (who is paying for the software to make the book and my ancestry.com subscription) wants to give the book to all of their cousins too. I was planning on making another version without the Patriarchal Blessings, since some of the blessings might seem kind of weird to those who are unfamiliar with the church. However, my aunt wants to include all of the Patriarchal Blessings.

Does the church have a stance on sharing the Patriarchal Blessings of deceased persons with those who are unfamiliar with the church? What would you do?



Dear Goob,

I couldn't find any kind of official policy on when or with whom patriarchal blessings of deceased family members should be shared. You could start the section with the blessings in it with a foreword about what a patriarchal blessing is, what some common elements mean (especially tribes or things paraphrased from Mormon scriptures), and what patriarchal blessings would have meant to the people who received them. Perhaps you could also include an invitation to contact you directly or to learn more about patriarchal blessings online if they have any questions.

I think that sharing patriarchal blessings and their context with other family members could be a really unique way to introduce them to or remind them of some of the most beautiful doctrines in our church.

- Eirene