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Question #6881 posted on 07/29/2004 4:01 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Last fall the Freshman Academy students received free planners. They were spiral bound with lots of BYU information (like a list of campus services and a map) inside. They also came with stickers in the back so you could plaster EXAM EXAM EXAM all over finals week. Everything is better when stickers are involved. Even finals week. Where can I get one of these planners?
- Unplannered

A: Dear Sticker Lover,
I love those organizers! I got one last fall and it was the best planner that I have ever had. I did a little digging and what I found was that those particular organizers are given away as part of freshman orientation. If there are any left over when orientation is finished (there usually are), they will give them away for free to anyone that wants one. Last fall this took place in front of the Wilkinson Center, and most likely will this fall as well.

Organizingly yours,