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Question #6954 posted on 08/02/2004 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,
What are the coolest hikes around Provo? Also if you want to "go" with a girl (wink wink)?
- A HUGE fan

A: Dear fan,

My roommates like the Stewart Falls hike.

- "FCSM"
A: Dear HUGE fan,

Timp is definitely the coolest hike I've been on around here, but it's awfully long and I only do it about once a year. If both you and the girl are good hikers, you could make it pretty romantic by leaving early enough to reach the peak before sunrise.

Other than that, I'll second Stewart Falls. Short, pretty, quiet as long as you don't go on Labor Day or something. Rock Canyon's not bad either. Hiking in the riverbed is fun...but not particularly romantic, I suppose.

A: Dear Huge fan,

I've always enjoyed climbing to the top of Y mountain. A good hike with great views, and not nearly as involved as Timp. You can probably do the round trip in four hours if you are in decent shape.

--Der Berliner