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Girls of the 100 Hour Board,

What clothing fashions do you think look good on guys? Are there any that you absolutely hate?



Dear Curious,

I like when guys wear clothes that give off a casual cool vibe. Like soft button-downs, dark heathered hoodies, striped tees, non-athletic sneakers, etc. The best is when a guy looks like he didn't try, but he just happens to exude natural, approachable coolness.

I don't like anything too feminine, too tight, too stuffy, too fashion-forward, too middle-school-y, anything Ed Hardy, or basically anything that makes a guy look like he's trying too hard.

But really, am I the only one who feels uncomfortable when I imagine a guy spending more than half an hour on how he looks in the morning?



Dear Curious,

Things I do not love: really skinny jeans, really deep v necks. Beyond that, just wear clothes that fit and are in good repair. Replace white shirts when necessary (e.g. when sweat discolors them). Consciously choose dress slacks that are the right length.  

Party on,

~Anne, Certainly