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Question #71902 posted on 04/08/2013 10:22 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

True or False: Pa Grape is hands down the best Board Writer that has ever been.

-The Instigator (I think you can guess what my answer is)


Dear stig,

I think he is in the conversation with a host of other writers, but I certainly don't think anyone is a "hands down" winner.



Dear Pa Grape,

Nice try. Better luck NEXT reunion tour!!!

- Furious George


Dear the instigator,

Pa Grape is a terrific writer, no doubt, but for my money's worth, two of the three best writers of all time haven't surfaced during this reunion week. (The third, of course, is a current writer.)

Feel free to speculate.

- Optimistic.


Dear Instigator,

Pa Grape was an excellent researcher, an incredibly hard worker, and someone who was dedicated to fairness, both in terms of not expecting his writers to do more work than he did and in terms of paying thoughtful attention to all sides of an issue, even (or perhaps especially) those issues on which he had a strong personal opinion. Like Gimgimno, I think it's unwise to select just one best Board Writer of all time, but you could certainly do worse than to embody those qualities.

- Katya


Dear Instigator,

Of course, but that is the strangest spelling of "Hobbes" I've ever encountered.



Dear Instigator,

I'm flattered. Thank you. I took a lot of pride in my work on The Board and there is certainly satisfaction that comes from it being noticed.

I have to say though that I must agree with the other responses. No, not about how awesome I am (thought I won't refute any of those comments) but that there have been and currently are some downright fantastic writers who pour just as much of themselves into writing as I ever did, probably more. 

Thank you, Instigator, for the compliment. Just be sure you enjoy all the great responses by the many awesome writers.

-Pa Grape