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Dear 100 Hour Board,
To whom would I address a suggestion for support and/or installation of software on computers in open access labs, and the HBLL?

- Mariachibandana

A: Mariachibandana,

All the open access labs are overseen by the office of IT. Their phone number is 422-4000 (or just 2-4000 on campus). There is also a computer specialist on duty in the HBLL Information commons. You can go talk to him/her if you need more interpersonal interaction.

Good luck. Tell them to install more random games in case I get bored while doing my homework.


A: Dear Maricachibanhowdoesitgo?

Better number, 422-2647, it is for the Office of the Open Access Computer Labs.

Another number, 422-2905, this is for the HBLL administrative offices.

422-4000 works, but it is just a long recording with options that won't help much for this. I'm just skipping the middle man for you.