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Question #71971 posted on 04/11/2013 10:22 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

What are your plans this summer?

-France is


Dear France Is,

My kids and I are planning on spending a lot of time outside playing, going to the beach, going swimming and working in the garden. My husband will join us when he can but he'll be finishing up his last round of classes ever this summer, so he'll be quite busy. We'll also celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday and my 26th birthday. I'm also planning on giving birth at the end of the summer.

-Sky Bones


Dear Francisco,

I intend to earn money working at my regular job and also start a small business so that I can earn even more money while having fun. And then I'll also maybe read some books and have a social life and do all the stuff I never have time to do during the semester. I'll also be going home for half of August for a close friend's wedding and the homecoming of Elder Brotherfulness.



Dear France,

I'm taking my last class ever in Spring, going to Hawaii with my family, then having a mental breakdown because I have no plans for my future.



Chère touriste/étudiante:

Working in a summer camp. Hitting up the Twilight Concert series. Going to the Shakespeare Festival. Graduating in June. I've basically double-booked myself all summer.



Dear Basil,

Pretty much all plans for me involve traveling, and I'm okay with that.

May: There is a Disneyland trip with friends.

June: Less exciting, I have to drive to Boise for my sister's wedding. I mean, I'm happy the sister is getting married and I like her fiance, but...I don't love driving to Boise.

July: My favorite roommate is coming with me on my family reunion (Dad's side) to the UK. We're going to go a week early and see shows, do a Jack the Ripper ghost tour (awesome!), and visit Benbow Farm since, like so many other English members of the Church, my family was baptized there. Then it will be two weeks of family reunion and castle touring. Plus, my uncle promised my roommate and I can stay in the haunted rooms in the castles we stay at. I'm beyond excited!

August: Is my annual visit to Michigan to visit my birth dad's family. The most exciting aspect will be to Michigan's Adventure.

September: I'm reasonably sure I'm going to Hawaii for the PCC anniversary celebration. I have a former companion who lives there but who will soon be moving back to China, so I'd like to see her before she goes. If that doesn't work out, I'll probably go to Rochester and visit my other former companion because I also miss her.

I might also pop in a few trips to St. George and/or Silver Reef to visit family, but that remains to be seen. I'm also very excited that one of my favorite international Board readers (who e-mailed me long, long ago and who also has adorable children), will be visiting the US and I get to meet up with her.

Other than that, I will be painting my new house, learning to garden (how the heck does anything ever grow? All the websites make it seem like everything should automatically die just looking at the pH balances of the earth!), and catching up on my long-neglected blog.

-Marguerite St. Just


Dear Yah,

I'm now a "responsible" adult. I will spend my summer sitting in my office trying to figure out why things aren't working. I do have a few work/other trips planned:

May: Oklahoma City for the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement

June: Houston for a company conference

July: New York City to see the Yankeees and trying to find an acceptable excuse to skip a family reunion

August: Hosting a large conference on gas measurement here in Pittsburgh.

I sure hope this helps. Please don't hate me. 

- Brutus


Dear Francis,

I'll be going on a study abroad this summer! That's something I never thought I'd be able to do, but things have worked out (and I know who to thank for that!). Then I'll spend some time with my family before returning to school in the fall.



Dear Francis,

Planting garden boxes. Lots and lots of garden boxes.

- Beemer Boy


Dear France,

I've got a cousin's wedding to go to in Portland. That should be fun.



Dear France is,

We're not sure.  My husband is graduating (!!!) from BYU's MBA program at the end of the month and then the rest of life after that is a bit of a blur.  We're planning on sticking around Provo until the end of May/beginning of June so that I can (try) to train someone to replace me at work.  After that, we're kind of planning on traveling across the US for a month-ish.  We started planning all of our stops and all of the things we would see, but then we realized, "Hm. We probably should focus on selling our house before we plan this grand adventure."  So then we started doing that instead.  But!  We (cross your fingers) sold our house last week, so we maybe can get back to the planning again.  Oh, yeah, except that we're also moving to Dallas this summer, so we maybe should figure out the details of the move and where we're going to live when we get there before we go back to the trip planning.

- Lavish


Dear France is,

Two weddings, a trip to a neighboring state, a trip out to New England (including Palmyra), and trying to grow my practice. Then there's all the stuff with the kids and home including a substantial garden this year. Summer is going to be busy.

-Pa Grape


Dear France ~

I'm going on Trek and to girl's camp.  I'll spend a week at Lake Powell and another week up at my mom's during harvest (so perhaps that's technically fall).  And I will be watching fireworks on the 4th of July if I have any say in the matter.

~ Dragon Lady


Dear lucky one,

I'll be heading home for the summer, where I will:

  • Work
  • Volunteer at the hospital
  • Read all the books I've ever wanted to, particularly Infinite Jest
  • Watch all the movies I've ever wanted to
  • Re-watch LOST
  • Watch the new Arrested Development episodes probably 10,000 times
  • Learn how to cook Indian food
  • Become friends with all of the old people in my home single's ward... *le sigh* (I still love my premies)