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Question #72054 posted on 04/12/2013 6:28 p.m.

Dear Marguerite St. Just (and anyone else),

Back when Mormon Messages was just beginning, the Church posted a video about a talk of President Uchtdorf's entitled "Create"

My aunt works for the Church and attempted to track down the sheet music for me, but stuff happened and she was never able to get ahold of it.

Would you be able to have better luck tracking down the sheet music?

-Tally M. (who would do it herself if she had the time...)


Dear Basil,

I sent your question on to my friend who produces Mormon Messages, and she said:

Dearest writer,

Unfortunately the music used on Mormon Messages is composed for each one individually. The only person with the music is the composer. Unless you're one of those genius people who can recreate music after you hear it once- like this guy.

Yeah, he's blind too. And a Mormon. I only ask that you don't judge his sweet, blind, Mormon heart by mocking him for playing "Gangnam Style." No one is perfect.

In closing - sorry about the sheet music. It doesn't exist unless you feel like committing a little break-and-enter at the composer's house. I wouldn't suggest that. I think he has big and mean dogs.

Don't worry, when I saw her, I teased her about making fun of blind people's musical tastes. Aside from that, she's an otherwise nice person with vast Mormon Message knowledge.

-Marguerite St. Just