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Question #72184 posted on 04/29/2013 3:28 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

How does a culture's sense of what is considered formal attire and what is considered informal attire develop?

-Tim the Monkey


Dear Tim the Monkey,

Sorry about the wait, but I can't find any true information on this (this Wikipedia page gives a little, but not much). But don't worry, I'm always available to share my opinions; if I had to guess, it would follow the money. Everybody wants to be the elite, to be one of the ones with the money. I assume that people with less money think the wealthier are classier, and strive to dress like them. Whatever the wealthy people wear then goes up in price, because they can afford it. 

Also, items like t-shirts will always be considered informal, because they can be mass produced for little money. Tuxedos and couture gowns take more time and are made for a smaller audience.