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Question #730 posted on 09/29/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Tillamook's cheddar cheese is darned good. So is their Pepper Jack. Seriously, that stuff must have been the product of inspiration. However, I think I've had a sharper cheddar, and so I feel the need to reply to our cheese-loving friend. I could be wrong, since I've never had these two cheeses concurrently. (Note also that I do not claim to have identified *the* sharpest cheddar on this telestial orb of ours. But it won't disappoint anyone, that's for sure.) Anyway, it's made at Washington State University and is called Cougar Gold, which if you ask me is a pretty cool name. It's a white cheddar, fairly hard and prone to flake, with a dry sharpness that I do love.

So are there any faculty members who would advise a Campus Cheese Club? It looks like a Board writer would join, and wouldn't cheese-seeking ¿Cual? as well? And, needless to say, so would ¡precision cheese freak!