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Question #74006 posted on 09/01/2013 2:52 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

Can I use my BYU ID for services at BYU-Idaho or BYU-Hawaii? For example, could I use their equivalent of the RB basketball courts? Also, on a related note, will by NetID allow me to login to their computers? What if a BYU-H or BYU-I student comes to Provo?

-BYU student

P.S. sorry for breaking the "unrelated" questions rule, but what are the chances of a mobile website happening for the Board?


Dear BYU student,

Unfortunately, your BYU ID and NetID do not work for other BYU affiliated schools. You are enrolled at BYU, not BYU-Idaho or BYU-Hawaii. The schools are very similar, but they are also very different and separate entities. You cannot log in to the computers of another campus with your NetID or use your ID for access to their services, regardless of which school you are enrolled in.  

Also, on another unfortunate note, I cannot speak for the editors to answer your second question. We have a mobile app, which is a nice stand-in for a mobile-specific website, but that's about all that I can direct you towards.