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Question #75 posted on 09/04/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
Why don't the cheerleaders have to follow the modesty part of the honor code? Shouldn't it be upheld at all times & in all things & it all places??
- honor code fan

A: Dear honor code fan,
Yes, you're right. But can you possibly imagine (if you're a girl) trying to do a toe-touch in the air and flip around while wearing a skirt that won't let you take your ankles 3 inches from each other? Sometimes clothing has to be amended, but at the same time, BYU keeps the spirit of the honor code in place. For instance, we could be like all those other schools with cheerleaders who wear halter tops and things. Nope. The outfits are practical, but not necessarily indecent. In that case, perhaps swimmers and track runners should be wearing wetsuits and windsuits so they don't "break" honor code...
- Duchess