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Question #75200 posted on 11/15/2013 5:32 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

I read an article called "A Dark Past Unburied" in a recent PEOPLE magazine. It's about boys who went to a boarding school in Florida in the 50s-60s and were abused. Some even killed. When the boys told people that boys had been killed there, no one believed them. Now, FL finally believed the now grown up "White House Boys" and found dead bodies on the property--one of the age of 6. The article didn't address how the school told parents of the dead how they died. What did the school tell parents who had kids that never came home? They they say that their boy had runaway or did they lie about how he died?

--Mystery is Me--


Dear Mystery

I've been following this story and what I've been reading in some of the interviews with the families of the boys was that the boys were not known for their good behavior. Many of them ended up at the school because of behavioral issues, or a penchant for running away. It wasn't too difficult to tell many of the families that their son had run away again, when he had actually been killed. Illness was also a common excuse, with an immediate burial or cremation because of the threat of contagion. Many of the boys who were killed were also black and many of their families were simply told to forget about their sons. It was a difficult situation for many of the families, because during the majority of the time the school was open, they didn't have very many political or legal avenues to to use to attempt to find out the truth. The sad reality was that not many judges would have had sympathy in the 30's and 40's for a missing black boy with a history of behavioral problems.