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Question #7538 posted on 09/03/2004 4:03 a.m.

Dear Eowyn,

What does "catharsis" mean? Thanks!


A: Dear "Groovy,"

Just how gullible do you think we are? You know we can identify you by your IP address, among other distinguishing characteristics. If you want to know the basic meaning of the word "catharsis," do what the rest of the world does--look it up in a dictionary! Since you're already online for the Board, I recommend dictionary.com, especially first entries 2 and 3.

A: Gravy,
You will need extensive psychological and physical catharsis should you feel the urge to mess with me again.
You don't mess with a man's woman, you don't mess with a man's ride, and you definitely don't mess with a man's house.
That being said, I can forgive and forget-- but you're on very thin ice.
::: Latro :::