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Question #7552 posted on 09/04/2004 4:02 a.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board,

On Tuesdays I have a class in the MARB at 10:00, then another class in the Widstoe Building at 12:00. I would love to watch the devotional, but I don't want to trek all the way to the Marriot Center and then back, just to be late for my lab in the Widstoe...

Is the devotional broadcast anywhere towards the south end of campus?

- Jessica

A: Dear Jessica,

It's broadcast in the JSB auditorium.

A: Dear Jessica:

In addition to the JSB, it's also often on in W112 or W111 of the Benson. And I have occasionally seen it going in one of the upstairs lecture halls in the MARB. These aren't official locations, but students often tune in the TV's to watch the devotional.

-- Misaneroth
A: Dear Mrs. Rabbit,

I don't know if it is still piped in there, but it used to be shown in one of the lecture halls on the south end of the ground floor in the MCKB.

-CGNU Grad