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Question #75587 posted on 12/15/2013 2 p.m.

Dear Sheebs,

Please tell me that you aren't aware that your 'nym is slang for Marijuana. How did you choose your 'nym, anyways?

-Just wondering


Dear Wondering,

At least since Sheebs is one of us you can safely assume that we're not going to shred her up and smoke her at parties!!  Twenty-five or so more people, saved from the evils of pot.  Hooray!

-Yog in Neverland


Dear Yog,

This is more important to me than to all of you, but also hooray for not being shredded up and smoked! That sounds... uncomfortable.

Dear Wondering,

Here is the story. After I created the Sheebs alias and had answered a few questions, it occurred to me that maybe "sheeb" or "sheebs" is a racial slur or some sort of weird euphemism or something else undesirable. A quick google search and visit to urban dictionary confirmed my fear. Indeed, urban dictionary informed me that "sheeb" is slang for marijuana in Canada. Which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't Canadian. I PROMISE I DIDN'T KNOW. I wondered, why does every possible non-word syllable have to be slang for marijuana? Why?? Then I decided to just ignore it, hoping that it it was some obscure term that no one would know from some high school in northern Saskatchewan or something.

But my hopes were dashed within just a few days when you asked this question, making me wonder how many other people were seeing my 'nym and wondering why I had named myself after marijuana. So I guess I'm glad I can get this whole thing cleared up, even though now everyone knows... may the powers that be allow me to survive probie-hood.

Sheebs is a nickname of mine from home. It was originally derived from my first name but it is different enough that I don't feel my anonymity is compromised by using it on the board. Probably the only people who would recognize it would be able to figure out who I am without it anyway. The reason why I chose it is because the people who call me Sheebs are the people who I feel most loved by. They are like my family. So it is kind of a "Remember who you are!" thing for me. Also, if you don't know about its association with marijuana, I think it sounds rather friendly. Sheebs. Don't you think it sounds friendly? 

-Sheebs, your friendly neighborhood non-marijuana