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Question #756 posted on 09/27/2003 midnight

Dear 100 Hour Board,
I am a huge baseball fan. I love the Atlanta Braves and have come accustomed to watching their games on TBS. However since I have moved to Provo TBS has not been broadcasting their games except for Sunday games which I do not watch. How come they are not doing the games any more and why did they replace them with reruns? Also are they going to do the playoff games which start next week?
- Desperately needing a baseball break from school.

A: Dear Desperate,

TBS is allowed only 90 regular season games and the rest go Turner South and Comcast, I believe. So, they haven't only been showing Sunday games as you think, but yes, the TBS schedule has been limited compared to previous years. TBS doesn't have the rights to a single Braves playoff game this year, sorry. But hey, look at the bright side... at least you won't have to watch them win their division and go on to lose like they do every other year.