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Question #76211 posted on 02/01/2014 7:32 p.m.

Dear 100 Hour Board (specifically Concorde, because he inspired this question),

In Board Question #76152, you talked about providing answers, like the molecular structure of dirt. So what is the molecular structure of dirt?

-General Lee Spi King


Dear General,

Hello friend! I am Concorde, and I am female! I also have no clue how to answer my own question! 

Take it away Squirrel! 



Dear General,

This is a difficult question to answer, because soil is made up of air, water, weathered rock in three recognized sizes (sand, silt, and clay), and a small amount of organic material, and each has its own molecular structure or chemical composition. The typical soil is about half pore space (which is the channel space for air and water) and half weathered rock and organic material.

The other difficulty is that not all soils are made of the same things. Granite and limestone have different chemical composition from each other, and different plants also are made of different things,  therefore the soils that are made from them are also different, as well as the layers within that soil. So, in attempt to keep you happy, here's a picture of me digging in the dirt.

 squirrel in the dirt.jpg Source.